Account2000 Billing
The Account2000 billing-component is embedded into the Account2000 Base System which was especially develpped to fit the needs of a telecommunications carrier.
You can download a complete product-description of Account2000 and the billing-component here: (currently German only, please inquire for an english version)

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Billing of telephony connections is just one kind of volume-dependant service billing. Usually these kind of services are billed with a fixed monthly fee and a volume-dependant amount.
Account2000 fits the needs for this kind of billing. All kinds of services with only a fixed monthly fee can be billed anyway. These kinds of volume-dependant billing are ready:

These kinds of billing are planned or already in development:
  • Billing for WWW-Server
  • Billing for Internet-Access
  • Billing for Data Communication, e.g. Leased Lines
  • Billing of Service-Contracts
Please inquire for further information about the current stage of development. We can also supply offers for custom billing implementations. If you have any question please contact or use our feedback form.


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