Billing for electronic services
The billing-type e-services-billing can be used to bill all kind of custom elektronic services. It was developped for the CARINA web-site enabling to bill information stored in a database that can be viewed from the web.

With this type of billing all kind of information-services can be handled that require a payments that depend on the amount of usage. Examples are: Viewing data and information over the WWW, acquiring documents from digital libraries, and as well other services like IVR-systems (Information via telephone) or sales of address records and many more...

E-service billing abstract:

  • One or more resources are defined
  • For every resource there can be one or more usage-types
  • There is a fee for each usage-type. If a usage-type is applied to the same item again, there are three options: no charge, same charge, different (lower) charge
  • The status of a repeated usage-type application to the same item can expire after a certain time, to have the first-usage charge applied again after this amount of time has passed

Example Document Library

Ressource: Document-Type Example: Monthly Report

Usage-Type: Online-reading: First use: 1EUR, repeated use: 0,50EUR
Usage-Type: Download as PDF: First use: 20DM, repeated use: free
Expiry: Unlimited

Example Weather-Info

Ressource: Satellite image

Usage-Type: Clouds: First use: 1EUR, repeated use: free
Usage-Type: Temperature: First use: 2EUR, repeated use: free
Expiry: 2 hours

With this billing type many types of services can be billed. The interfaces for user authentication and transmitting billing information are easy to use and can be customized for the actual scenario.


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