Billing of a telephony connection depends on a lot of factors. Regional zones, time zones, day-types, tarifs and duration are only some of these factors. The Account2000 billing engine for telephony offers very extensive features for tarif definition. You can find a detailed description of all telephony billing features in a white-paper called: 'Account2000 Telephony-Billing: Basics, Tarifs and Features' which you can download here: 
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This white-paper is currently only available in German language. Please contact us for an english version!

Feature-Highlights: Tarifs

  • Custom regional and time-zone schemes definable for each tarif
  • Custom day-type definition: For holiday, local events, christmas-time etc.
  • Special options like: x seconds free or discount starting from xth second
  • Special zones like Best-City, Best-Friend or special country (like: special rates for Italy by adding x EUR to base rate)
  • Budget-Option: Buy a certain amount in advance and get a discount
  • Combination of special-zone and budget: buy a special amount that is only valid for a sepcial zone (e.g. like the 'best-friend'-zone)
  • Multiple special-options and budget-options per tarif

  • Facility-Billing: Billing of facilities invoked during call (like establishing a conference)

  • SCI-Billing: Billing of subscriber-controlled input – use of facilities without a connection (like call diversion)

  • Grouping of source- and target-zones for easy management of regional zones and massive reduction of zone-table entries

  • Precedence-rules for source- and target-zone entries (like in IP-routing) for further reduction of zone-table entries


  • Processes AMA-tickets from Siemens EWSD switches

  • Instant ticket processing: Short time after connection it shut down it gets billed and can be viewed by the customer via only bill access

  • Transparent handling of AMA-Tickets: All AMA-tickets are read into the db and stored. From every billed call all corresponding AMA-tickets can be viewed and vice versa

  • Error-handling: All AMA-tickets that caused an error can be viewed with error-description and suggestion to correct the error.

  • The billing-process can be viewed manually for each AMA-ticket, showing all intermediate results.

  • Seamless changes of zones, tarifs, customers etc. without stopping the system.

  • Rollback-functionality for error-correction: it is possible to restore the billing-state to a certain point in time, to correct the error and rebill


  • Parts of a connection that take place in a different time-zone can be shown seperately.

  • Connection-charges (time-independent charge per connection) can be shown seperately

  • The service-type can be shown (voice, fax, data, etc.)


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