About GEOCoder
For analyses of address-data it is often necessary to locate these addresses geographically as accurate as possible. GEOCoder provides this method of geocoding in an interactive way with geographical display a well as a batch-mode.

How does it work?

  • Address-Data kann be imported from any Data-Source (e.g. DB-Server, Excel-Files, Access-Databases, etc.)
  • All addresse are automatically geocoded and displayed geographically
  • Alternatively you can use a fast batch-mode without display
  • Geocoding work in most cities at a single-house accuracy, otherwise the center of the street is beeing output

Pricing and availability

  • GEOCoder is available as a single-seat license at a price of 2552,- EUR (2200,- EUR + VAT)
  • There is no Trial-Version available. If you would like to get an impression of the quality of geo-codign you can download or order an evaluation version of HVTCheck.
  • Please inquire for further information via e-mail to info@terasens.deor using our feedback-form.

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