About HVTCheck
HVTCheck is a unique tool that lets you check the availability of services like DSL with a geographical view. Your customers' addresses are automatically mapped to the right coordinates, showing the distances to the nearest PoPs/HVT's. HVTCheck can also find out which HVT/PoP your customer is connected to.


  • Check distances to HVT/PoP for services like DSL
  • Very Accurate mapping of addresses at a single house granularity
  • Street-map style geographical results display
  • Finds the actual PoP a subscriber is connected to 


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Once you have imported and mapped all your HVT's, checking service-availability is a three-step process:

  • Enter street-address and city and press 'FIND'
    You will receive a list of possible locations for the data you entered.
  • Click on the desired entry in the result list and click 'CHECK'
  • HVTCheck will now: Find all HVT's/PoPs within a configurable radius (e.g. 3km) and present them in a list with the exact distance to the location.
    Then HVTCheck checks the database to find out which HVT/PoP the subscriber is connected to and marks this HVT/PoP while displaying custom information on this HVT/PoP like a date of availability of the service

HVTCheck can import HVT's from a simple MS Access table or any other ODBC-Database and will only need the full addresses to map them geographically. The mapping process is very accurate and will match housenumbers exactly in most cases.
HVT's can be moved manually, though.
To find the correct HVT a subscriber is connected to, qualified data is needed. TERASENS can provide this data for all German regions together with its partner CC-CON GmbH.
The customer can provide its own data for HVTs and HVT-assignment, though.

Pricing and availability
Pricing depends on the actual need of a customer. TERASENS provides packages with and without HVT-data, from one to several seat licenses.
Please inquire for further information via e-mail to info@terasens.deor using our feedback-form.

Trial version
If you are interested in evaluating HVTCheck you can download or order a Trial version of HVTCheck.

HVTCheck Online
We will also develop solutions for checking service availability online even as a hosted solution. Please inquire for further details.

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