Dual Registration Works & Doesn't????

Dual Registration Works & Doesn't???? Post Reply
17.08.2009 08:03 John Bonner


It was my understanding that I could have a hardware phone (in this case an
Aastra 9133i) and the TeraSIP both registered to the same service provider.
In testing here is what I see:

I can have either the Aastra or the TeraSIP bound to service provider but
NOT both at the same time. I am assuming this is a limitation created by the
service provider but not sure how to go about addressing it with them.

With ONLY TeraSIP bound to service provider I do not receive inbound calls.
They do not even appear to hit (no packets seen in WireShark) and the call
goes straight to voicemail. In traditional Tapi of course the electrical
pulses came to the modem and tapi got involved. I must be missing something
similiar in SIP where I let the service provider know I'm here at this
address if you need to send a call to me????

Thank You vewry much
John Bonner

Re: Dual Registration Works & Doesn't???? Post Reply
18.08.2009 18:57 TERASENS Support


with the SIP specification multiple registrations are mandatory.
If the service provider does not allow this, it is a violation of the
SIP standard.

If the SIP provider prevents multiple registrations this can have
negative impacts:

- either one SIP device can "steal" the registration of another
  device (with a "last registration wins" algorithm)
- or switching SIP devices does not work smoothly
  (with an algorithm where further registrations are blocked
   when an active registration exists)

When you say that with a valid registration you don't receive any
inbound calls we would need to examine the registration.
To do this a complete Wireshark trace starting from the beginning
(so that the registration process is included) would be required.

Best regards,

Matthias Moetje
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