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Re: Any test scripts out there?

Re: Any test scripts out there? Post Reply
15.12.2004 14:52 Frank Weber

Hi, did you look at the WakeupCall sample? It demonstrates how
to perform outgoing calls. It is a VB sample, but if you look at the
class file you can see how to use the COM objects from VBScript.

Tell me if you need more help,

Frank Weber
TERAVoice Support
Ackermannstraße 3
80797 München
e-mail: info@terasens.de
www:   www.terasens.de

wrote in message
> Hi, am looking to deploy a system for a client which will call students
back to confirm class locations.  Pretty simple IVR system.  Was hopeing
someone might have some VB scripts demonstrating the use of the Terasens COM
> Thanks for the help,
> Quinn
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> Quinn McLaughlin
> quinn@coincidence.net
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