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08.11.2007 16:19 simon@online.simonair.com


I have a question.
Is it posible if I can transfer an incoming call to a different machine when teravoice server installed and make a call from that server?

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09.11.2007 15:38 TERASENS Support


are you talking about two machines with TERAVoice? If both are connected to
a PBX and your hardware supports call transfer, you will be able the to
transfer the call from one server to the other.

With the new TERAVoice version (currently in beta) you could also route the
call from one server to the other through VoIP (SIP or H.323).

Best regards,

Frank Weber
TERAVoice Support
Augustenstra├če 24
80333 Munich, GERMANY
e-mail: info@terasens.com
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