Q10006 - HOWTO: Asking a question in the newsgroups

Newsgroup Support

TERASENS offers free newsgroup support for TERAVoice. This article describes how to ask a question in the newsgroups.

Step 1 - Accessing the newsgroups

There are basically two methods to access the newsgroups:

  • Web based newsgroup access
    TERASENS provides a web-interface to access the support newsgroups. Please go to the Newsgroups Main Page or click on a newsgroup name in the left navigation panel in TERAVoice Support Center.
  • Access via Newsreader application
    You can also use a newsreader application (e.g. MS Outlook Express) to read and post in the TERASENS newsgroups. By using the news:/// links on the Newsgroups Main Page you can directly open your default newsreader application with the right configuration parameters.

Step 2 - Determining the right newsgroup

There are 4 different newsgroups for TERAVoice, 2 for English language and 2 for German language. For each language the following newsgroups are available:

  • General
    Use this newsgroup for all questions except IVR development related questions
  • Development
    This newsgroup is for all questions related to custom IVR development using the TERAVoice IVR API with scripts (VBScript or JavaScript) or other programming languages like C++ or VB

Schritt 3 - Check if the question has been asked before

Please check first, if the question has already answered before. Instead of reading through all of the postings, you can also try to do a search on the following page: http://www.terasens.de/support/search.aspx?product=teravoice   This page lets you search the Knowledge Base, the documentation and the newsgroups together.

Step 3 - Posting a question

If you are using a newsreader application, please consult the documentation for instructions how to post.
If you are using the web interface, please go to the appropriate group and click on New Post. If you are not logged in to the TERASENS website, you will be asked to Register. Please follow the instructions to complete the registration and login to the website. Then click on "New Post" again, and you will be able to post your question.

You can log in and log out at any time using the blue button on the bottom right on every page on this website.


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Author:  Matthias Moetje
Created: 5/25/2005
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