Q10114 - HOWTO: Configuring Hardware for SMS- and Pager Notifications

Info TERAVoice supports sending notifications to mobile phones via SMS and pagers via gateways offered by mobile and paging network operators. The configuration of the access to these gateways is covered in the documentation: More Information 

What isn't covered in the documentation is the hardware required to access these gateways. Almost all of these gateways use analog modem connections. There are only two(!) exceptions in Germany. The providers "Vodafone D2" and "T-Mobile" offer ISDN access to their SMS gateways. These two are covered later in this article.

Hardware Requirements

To access these gateways you need analog modems or other devices that support analog modem communications. The requirements are low because the gateways use very low baudrates from 1200 kbps to 9600 kbps, so even very old modems are suited for this purpose. Once the modem is installed in Windows it can be selected as the desired device in the SMS and Pager configuration dialog.

If you don't have an analog line?

If you are using an CAPI based ISDN board and don't have an analog line you can try to use an analog CAPI modem emulation driver. Several ISDN board manufacturers offer an analog modem emulation port driver (we know AVM and Eicon) for their boards. There is also another COM port CAPI driver from (http://www.cfos.de/) which we didn't try yet.
Unfortunately at least the AVM driver which we tested seems to be not optimized for very low bandwidths like those used by the SMS and paging gateways. We did some tests and in some cases we were able to set up a communication but in other cases the connection was not set up properly.


It is always best to use an analog device for sending SMS messages. If you need to use ISDN you can try the drivers mentioned above and see if it works with your desired gateway, but there is no guarantee that this will work.

German ISDN Gateways

The German mobile providers Vodafone and T-Mobile both offer access to their gateways via ISDN. These entries have the word ISDN in their names in the preset list that comes with TERAVoice. In order to use these gateways via ISDN you need an ISDN board with appropriate port drivers (see above). But instead of an analog modem emulation you need to choose the "X.75" type of modem (or use the appropriate AT command initialization string in the modem properties to set the protocol to X.75).


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Author:  Frank Weber
Created: 9/1/2005
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