Q10138 - HOWTO: Creating Voice Prompts for Remote Control in different Languages

Introduction TERAVoice comes with pre-recorded voice prompts which are required for the remote control menus. These are available in 2 languages:
  • US English
  • German
TERAVoice provides a method for creating and registering your own voice prompts to support remote control menus in different languages. Creating your own Voice Prompts Download

In order to create your own voice prompts you need to download the following file:

The Toolkit contains the following files:
  • Voice Prompt filename and  text list as
    - Microsoft Access Database
    - Microsoft Excel File
    - Plain Text File
  • Registration Tool

The first step is to translate the texts for the voice prompts to the desired language. The easiest method is to modifiy the MS Access Database and add an additional column to the table (or reuse the German column).

When there are '...' characters this means that the prompt is put together from several audio files which are concatenated. You need to reconstruct this in the desired language.


Next you will need to record the voice prompts. If you are using some high quality ISDN telephones you can record the prompts via telephone. In most cases this will result in very good audio quality. You can set up a TERAVoice mailbox and record the prompts as a mailbox message. 
In most other cases it is probably better to do the recording in a professional recording studio. The audio files should be converted to the following format after conversion:

  • Windows Wave PCM - 8 kHz - 16 Bit - Mono

You can use the existing files which are delivered with TERAVoice to compare the levels and dynamics of your recorded files.

To make recording easy you can use the form from the MS Access database which allows you to present each prompt in a readable form to the speaker.


Once you have created all required audio files you need to register these files with TERAVoice. The audio files need to be placed in a sub-folder of the following folder:

  • <Program Files>\TERAVoice Server 2004\Messages\XXX

Please choose a 3 letter code for your language and create a corresponding folder. Place all your created audio files into this folder.

Now please launch the registration tool from the Toolkit:

  • tvRegisterPrompts.exe

Click on the 'Add' button and add an entry for your language. Now you will be able to choose this language as the default language for remote control menus or as the remote control language for a specific user.


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Author:  Frank Weber
Created: 8/31/2005
Last edited: 8/31/2005
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