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Q10210 - HOWTO: How to create a debug log
Author:  Frank Weber
Created: 6/22/2007
Last edited: 6/22/2007
Version: 1.0
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Creating a Debug Log

This article provides instructions for creating a TERAVoice Debug Log.


  • Open the TERAVoice Administration console (Start >> Programs >> TERAVoice >> Administration).
  • Go to Server Configuration >> Server Options and right-click to select "Properties"
  • Go to the "Logging Tab"
  • Set the checkmark next to "Write File" and choose "Debug Information" in the dropdown list
  • Restart TERAVoice

Debug logging is now enabled. Please reproduce the problem you are experiencing and send the log file to your support contact.

How to locate the log file The log file is located in the TERAVoice installation folder and is named ErrorLog.log. The path to this folder depends on the operating system language version and the version of TERAVoice:

<Program Files Folder>\<TERAVoice....>
  • English OS, TERAVoice 2004: c:\Program Files\TERAVoice Server 2004
  • German OS, TERAVoice 2007: c:\Programme\TERAVoice Server 2007
Note: Please be aware that logging can affect the performance of TERAVoice if TERAVoice is used with a larger amount of lines. You should enable debug logging only to identify a certain problem and then deactivate again.

Applies To
  • TERAVoice Server 2004
  • TERAVoice Server 2008
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