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Q10423 - HOTFIX: DTMF detection problem with CAPI based ISDN boards is fixed
Author:  Frank Weber
Created: 7/17/2005
Last edited: 7/17/2005
Version: 1.0
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Hotfix Availability A Hotfix is available now which fixes the problem with DTMF detection described in the following article:
Q10422 - DTMF Detection does not work with CAPI based ISDN boards and the Free Version
Affected Versions
  • TERAVoice Server 2004 SP1 Free Version
Please note that the Retail and Promo versions are not affected by this problem and do not need this update! Installation
  • Please download the file from the following link:
  • Save the file and unzip to a folder on your harddrive
  • Execute Setup.exe and choose "Install/Upgrade drivers"
  • Click on Continue until the installation has completed
  • Restart your computer
Applies To
  • TERAVoice Server 2004
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