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TERAVoice is a feature rich and customizable voicemail system. Every mailbox can have an arbitrary number of different greeting messages scheduled for different dates, times and days of week. In addition to audio files, a text can be entered for all greeting messages which is synthesized and played back using Text-to-Speech (TTS). Users can be notified of new calls or messages on their pager or mobile phone, by e-mail with the voice message attached or by the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) on their PBX's telephone.

TERAVoice also comes with a Windows Client Application which allows to monitor one or more mailboxes and listen to new voice messages. A remote control mode allows to listen to new and saved messages and to configure most mailbox setting from any telephone.

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Unified Messaging  

In a world of information and communication with increasing requirement in terms of productivity and flexibility there is a growing demand for efficient messaging and communication solutions. The goal is to target all kind of communication like e-mail, voice messages, fax, SMS, telex and others to a single location, usually your e-mail inbox. While solutions exist trying to offer all services in a single product, support for each single transport medium often lacks full featured capabilities. TERAVoice in contrast is specialized in telephony services providing flexible support for integration with other messaging systems, allowing customers to continue using the platform of their choice.


Users can be notified about new calls or new messages with various options:

  • E-mail notification of new messages
    An e-mail message is sent to the configured e-mail address each time a new message is recorded. An audio file of the message is attached to the e-mail
  • E-Mail notification of new calls
    For those calls where the caller does not leave a message a notification e-mail can be sent to a different e-mail address. This allows the subscriber to permanently keep up with all received calls. This function can be also used for creating call-logs in the messaging system. As an example a MS Exchange Public Folder's e-mail address can be used in order to create a call log in this folder.
  • SMS or pager notification
    This method allows receiving notification messages on your mobile phone or pager either for all calls or only for those with a recorded message. The sender number for SMS messages can be set to the number of a remote control Call Handler for quick dialing into the remote control box
  • MWI notification
    Many PBX systems allow signaling new messages via the MWI-Indicator (Message Waiting Indicator) on their PBX telephones. This is done by dialing a certain special number for switching on and off.
  • TERAVoice Client Application
    TERAVoice comes with a small Windows client application which loads in to the system tray. New messages are indicated via the tray icon and can be listened locally via the computer system's speakers.

Reverse Number Lookup

TERAVoice comes with a plugin architecture which allows to do a reverse lookup on incoming calls. Currently an Active Directory plugin is delivered with TERAVoice, more plugins for MS Exchange contacts, general database lookup, general LDAP lookup and some phone number CD will be provided.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Through the use of SMTP, TERAVoice can easily integrate with Microsoft Exchange Server to build a unified messaging solution by extending MS Exchange with a voice mail solution.

Lotus Notes

Through the use of SMTP, TERAVoice can easily integrate with Lotus Notes to a unified messaging system by extending Lotus Notes by a voicemail system.

Telephony Hardware

TERAVoice supports a broad range of telephony hardware and three CAPI based VoIP stacks (H.323 and SIP) . The supported hardware can be divided in four basic categories:

More information about the supported brands and devices can be found on our Hardware Compatibility List.


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